• Touch- & Panel-PC solutions
  • Embedded Computer
  • Digital Signage
  • E-ticketing in public transportation
S&T Embedded Systems is specialized in the provision of professional touch and panel PC solutions. Its devices are manufactured in Germany and meet the highest standards of quality. They are designed to operate flawlessly over the long-term in the conditions prevailing in the transport, maritime, medical, energy and security sectors. The company's multimedia applications are used in museums and public installations.

S&T Embedded Systems' products are employed by rail corporations, power plant operators, networks and other publicly-owned companies – and by a large number of German bluechips (a number of which are listed in its DAX stock index). The company also efficiently provides such related, customer-centered services as concept formulation, project implementation and technical facilitation. These comprise include installation and commissioning. Both are these are rendered at a superior level.

A module approach to housings forms the basis for the adaptation of device outputs and outfitting to meet customer requirements. The embedded PC modules are optimally scalable. This enables them to be configured in corporate facilities to meet virtually any kind of use. An especially well-conceived cooling system has extended the range of temperatures in which the devices can be operated. The modules come in versions (optional) making them vandalism-proof and/or giving them stand-alone cooling capacities. These features make the modules eminently suitable for employment in public areas.

Embedded's product portfolio include large screen-based PC solutions. They are used as displays that keep employees informed in operating facilities, and as intelligent planning boards.