Dtex Systems

Now headquartered in Silicon Valley, Dtex systems was launched in Australia in 2000.

Dtex has been helping enterprises fight security threats for 15 years, giving them an innate understanding of user behavior. Over 100 customers worldwide use Dtex to battle the insider threat and get visibility into user behavior on both physical and virtual endpoints.
Dtex is the first endpoint system lightweight enough to deploy across your entire organization. Large, global enterprises such us Aston Martin, Allianz, Т-mobile and Bank of America rely on Dtex for complete visibility.

Dtex combines an incredibly lightweight micro-agent on each endpoint with a powerful server-based analysis engine to deliver unprecedented endpoint security analytics.

The reason why lots of DLP and SIEM solutions don’t work is because they don’t take history, trends, and context into account. The result is a lot of false positives, wasted time, and ineffective monitoring. Dtex tracks each of your employees’ normal behavior and crafts finely-tuned alerts based on suspicious activity changes. By putting each user’s behavior in context, they create intelligent insider threat detection that picks up on only the activity that really matters.