19.02.2018 | Bulgaria

S&T Bulgaria enjoys stable growth

In 2017, the company’s revenue reached 19 million EUR or 77% more than in the previous 2016. Established in 1993 as a subsidiary of the Austrian company S&T AG, the Bulgarian company represented stable financial results in the last seven years.

We publish a part of interview with Mr. Zlati Petrov - Managing Director of S&T Bulgaria, given for the specialized edition of Computerworld - IT Leaders.

Graduate of the Natural-Mathematical High School "Acad. Sergey Korolev "in Blagoevgrad and “Goethe” Institute in Hamburg, Germany, Bachelor of Telecommunications and Master of Radio Communications at the Technical University of Sofia, qualified in Business Analysis, Business Modeling, Object Oriented Analysis and All Aspects of the Software Process, with professional experience as a Sales Engineer, Project Manager and IT Solutions Manager, Mr. Zlati Petrov took over the management of S&T Bulgaria in 2011 and brought the company to the indicated financial result.

Mr. Petrov, as a leading system integrator, S&T offers a rich portfolio of products and services. On the background of solid expertise and expressive financial results, what solutions and technologies would you highlight?

S&T Bulgaria has proven experience in designing, building and deploying complete IT infrastructure solutions for the needs of the private business and the public sector. Thanks to its long experience, stable partner network and highly qualified team, today the company is competitive and stays stable on the IT market. Our expertise combines a wide variety of high-quality, efficient and flexible solutions in several key areas such as: analyzes and consulting on optimizing the IT infrastructure, implementing complete infrastructure and hardware solutions, designing and integrating system solutions, hardware and firmware support . Our clients are some of the largest companies in the public sector, telecommunications, transport and communications, the banking and financial sector, manufacturing, utilities, healthcare and the retail sector.

How does your company address the major challenges facing organizations from the public and business sectors in the era of digital transformation and how do you manage to keep users' interest in a long-term partnership?

Firstly, this is a good knowledge of the subject area of the applications, the specific requirements of our customers, the environment, and on this basis, we achieve effective analysis and optimal design solutions. Our strategic partners are leading international companies, constantly developing their specializations and thus able to respond adequately to the business challenges on the road to digital transformation. Our company employs specialists in information and medical technologies, business, finance, quality management. We have a professional service network with service facilities in Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv. We have built an efficient organization, we perfect our portfolio of products and services, react quickly to changes in the legal framework and to additional customer requirements.