Your business and personal communication is increasingly taking place via the internet and mobile devices. Unlike on a protected corporate network, mobile traffic use can be tracked very simply with mobile devices being easy to steal or lose. There is too much information of value in your mobile – contacts, messages, documents, sign-in details – which you simply cannot afford to be compromised. Long term eavesdropping on your communication, which you do not even know about, has far more serious consequences than a lost cellphone.

E-mail is the standard for company and private communication. Huge amounts of corporate, business as well as personal information are being sent every day... in a completely unsecured manner. E-mails are permanently stored on e-mail servers, which are easy to break into, resulting in valuable and sensitive information being stolen. And then there are those popular public e-mail services, where the fine print results in you handing over direct consent for the service providers to use all your stored and transmitted content and data.

If you want to keep your customers and partners, you have to protect their secrets too.

BabelNet Pro on-premise
Need to have all company communication on-site and fully under your control
Connect Babelnet to Active Directory, integrate with company applications and manage via web interface to ensure you have the highest level of secure and encrypted communication and data transfer.

BabelNet Pro cloud
BabelNet as a service
Protect your communication against wiretapping and interception, managing it complexly and securely in the cloud via web interface whilst preserving the integrity and protection of transferred data as well as creating and managing client, partner and external collaborator accounts with ease.

BabelNet Lite
BabelNet for free
Download our free application for non-commercial use for instant private and secure communication with friends and partners. Available on Apple (iOS, Mac), and Android with Windows desktop coming soon.