Steps To Take To Beat
The Insider Threat In 2018

Hackers get the headlines, but as they rejoice, companies suffer from loss data, slanted reputation and monetary loss. Errors, negligence and malicious intent by employees are one of the easiest ways for hackers to enter a company and steal information. In 2018, take the steps needed to defeat the insider threat and significantly reduce the risk of a devastating data breach.

Screen Employees and Contractors
Perform a classic pre-employment background check on newly hired employees. At the very least you can eliminate candidates with a history of theft or dishonesty, or those who have been frequently terminated.

Develop Clear Policies
Let your employees know what’s acceptable and expected with clear data use policies in writing. Start with the acceptable use policy, privacy policy and the mobile use policy.

Educate and Train
Once you have solid policies in place, the next step is to educate employees about cyber security. Start with awareness campaigns, then launch more formal training programs.

Monitor Employee Actions
Employee monitoring software is a powerful tool for managing insiders risks. Tracking tools analyze trends in employee behavior to alert you when policies are being violated, identify which employees are most risky to the organization, and create rules that prevent risky behavior such as sending sensitive information via email.

Enforce Your Policies
Spell out clear consequences for violations, and take action every time they occur. Consistency is key to creating a culture where employees are vigilant about data security.