The medical systems engineers of S&T Bulgaria participated in the equipment of a hybrid operating room in Sofia

15.12.2021 | Bulgaria

The engineers of S&T Bulgaria - part of the team of the authorized service for the support of Philips Healthcare systems for Bulgaria - participated in the construction of a hybrid operating room in an elite hospital in Sofia.

The hybrid operating room is a concept for a new type of operating room. The idea originated in the 70s of the 20th century, but today it is rising to a whole new level. A well-equipped hybrid operating room provides a safer environment for both surgeons and patients. It contains all the high-tech equipment that may be needed during surgery.

With the installed angiographic system of Philips - Azurion FlexArm in the complex working environment of the hybrid operating room, teams with different skills such as surgeons, interventionists, nurses, anesthesiologists and technicians will have the conditions for efficient and trouble-free work.